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Eric Vie Tattoo Machines

Eric Vie Tattoo Machines

These are some projects I’ve been working on for the past few years.

With 1 Iron and four brass frames, the learning was nonstop with these. Two of the fames, for The Ironside and for the Moari were pre-cast raw frames, the other carved from blanks cut from blocks of brass.

These machines have matching materials, 1018 steel used for the armature bars, cores and yolks.  These parts were not machined or made myself, but obtained from trustworthy suppliers such as Workhorse Irons, Pulse, Eikon, and Infinite Irons for the quality of materials they have to offer.

The Maori - Eric Vie
The Ironclad - Eric Vie
The Ironclad - Eric Vie
The Swoosh - Eric Vie
The Swoosh - Eric Vie
The Trekkie - Eric Vie The Trekkie - Eric Vie

The Maori

The Maori was carved from a raw Walker frame and customized with aboriginal-inspired carvings and a New Zealand coin as the rear spring saddle.

At a low voltage, it runs great as a color packer. 

The Ironclad

The Ironclad is a customized iron Paul Rogers frame. Fire-Blued and treated to resist wear and tear, This shader runs smooth at a low voltage.

The Swoosh

The Swoosh is carved from a high-grade brass frame blank. Normally I don’t go for such a long binder post slot, but the blank was gift from an old friend and my first chance to practice carving out my own creation.

The Swoosh runs at a low voltage and makes a fast liner.

The Trekkie

The Trekkie is carved from a high-grade brass frame blank. I had some fun carving it, and runs as a solid liner with a nice, low voltage.

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